Happy Birthday

Thursday is Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday. So, this week I made a tribute birthday cake to celebrate:


The cake is chocolate and strawberry, with vanilla icing and cocoa powder. We ate it at our weekly evolution chalk talk seminar, during a discussion about OspC in Burrelia burgdorferi. Those things on the cake are pigeons, not finches. (Note the variation.)

6 Responses to “Happy Birthday”

  1. Rumen Says:

    Yum. I can attest to the finest quality of the aforepresented Darwin cake such as to therefore pay my respects to the cake-makers brilliant idea to commemorate his birthday in such a fun, delicious way.

  2. ABP Says:

    Thanks Rumen.

  3. Andrew Says:

    This cake did not survive, so, though tasty, it was clearly not the fittest.

  4. NBP Says:

    And where is my piece? I reserved it last week and sent a birthday ecard, too. Talk about not surviving.

  5. ABP Says:

    You sent an ecard? I think my email filters out ecards. Sorry, Mom.

  6. Mary Schwalm Says:

    I like that the victoria crowned pigeon was represented. And, gorgeous layering!

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