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I wonder if evolution is girl science or boy science?

Thursday, October 4th, 2007

spa-science.jpgA post over at Movering reports something annoying.

Edmunds Scientific, a company that sells “the latest and most unique science related items available,” has a rather gendered perspective on their consumer market. They’ve got a pull-down menu from which online shoppers can select “Gifts for Girls” or “Gifts for Boys.” No surprise here: the girl options include make-your-own makeup kits and some kind of scientific spa apparatus, the boy options include lots of blammo-type weaponry. This company is not a typical toy store: they say they manufactured a critical component used to record the Apollo landings, and now boast high-quality scientific products for hobbyists of all ages.

I would have been one indignant 8-year-old if I had received the “Creative Cosmetics Kit,” but maybe it’s not entirely reprehensible that someone is manufacturing kiddie makeup as science. (Is it?) But why impose gender categories for things like a personal planetarium (boy) or a rock tumbler (girl)? As Emily on Movering says, it’s offensive, coming from a company invested in getting young people excited about science. Join us and write them a letter saying so.